Fun in the Sun

No place on Earth epitomizes that particular barefoot, breezy beach style like Southern California. And with Instagram-worthy stretches of pristine beaches and the easygoing sophistication of homes like The ViewPointe, it’s easy to see why beachcombers love the laid-back life of Oceanside. Whether you’re snacking on a fish taco at Hello Betty, visiting the Surfing…. read more

A City Built for Art

In 2012, Dinah Poellnitz and Margaret Hernandez opened the Hill Street Country Club, an art gallery and nonprofit arts organization in Oceanside, and the arts community has been thriving ever since. Now, with streets lined with art galleries and museums, Oceanside even boasts a place called “Artists Alley” on a side street off Mission Avenue.…. read more

A Day at Mission San Luis Rey

Even in the breezy, laid-back beach towns of San Diego’s North County, where it feels like vacation year-round, silence can be elusive. It’s not as though the sounds of Oceanside, home to The ViewPointe, are unpleasant. On the contrary, between the crashing waves against the pier and the seagulls’ cries high overhead, the soundtrack is…. read more

Hop into your Favorite Brew

The craft beer culture has made its mark on San Diego County, sowing more than 120 microbreweries amid the glittering sand and sunshine. And there is truly no better place to witness this emerging movement than Oceanside, California, located along “Hops Highway’s” bubbling food and beverage scene. The area is fun and beautiful, and San…. read more